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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

stop the smuggling and slaughter of cow

To stop the smuggling and slaughter of cow, and also to ensure that cow dairy products become available to common man, please download these documents and distribute to all-

`बुक पोस्ट नागरिक अभियान` का नमूना( आठ पन्ने ) -

`इनलैंड नागरिकों के लिए अभियान` का नमूना (दो पन्ने)-

Sample of Book Post To Citizens Campaign(Hindi) - 8 Page

Sample of Inland letter To Citizens Campaign(Hindi) - 1 Page (Right to Recall & RTI2)


Uttam Maheshwari Practically Cures With the Help of Cow’s Ghee Coma , Paralysis , Mental Retardation , Sinusitis , Asthma , Arthritis , Blood Clots in Brain , Deafness , Mental & Physical illness , Sleeplessness ,Stops Falling of Hairs etc.........

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