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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Institute for Research on Ecology and Biodiversity to Enunciate our Liability -by Sourav Taran

Institute for Research on Ecology and Biodiversity to Enunciate our Liability (iREBEL).

iREBEL is working in Belun area for last 14 years for various wildlife and social issues. Its a beautiful village with thousands of wild animals ,birds ,insects,reptiles etc. We have our own undisturbed protected area ( community conservation reserve) for local fauna and flora.

Over a weekend, you can experience the peacefulness of village life. Stay with a
Farming family in a traditional village house, enjoy delicious Bengali cuisine made
with locality caught fish & organic produce participate with us in volunteer activist
to improve the welfare of local people & there environment. With in easy each of Belun
visit unique cultural & wildlife sites or have a rafting / boating / fishing adventure.

Your travel to Belun will provide a significant contribution to protecting to wildlife and his habitat Eastern & Northern India. Eighty percent of after cost proceeds go directly
Conservation activist including securing and enhancing critical habitat lands, wildlife protection awareness and outreach efforts in local areas, rescue and rehabilitation of
orphaned and injured animal and promoting the advancement and well-being of local
people to ensure long-term environmental sustainability.

In near Belun some area are so famous,

Kalyanpur is one of the finest areas in India to see Gangetic Dolphins, as captured by the
BBC Natural History Unit during the dolphin shoot for its "GANGES" television documenntry series.

Musharu is one of several villages in the local area where human & cobra snakes live
side-by-side in perfect harmony - this phenomenon, unique in the world was also documented in the BBC 's "GANGES" series & is spellbinding to all its visitor.

We have worked as fixers and researchers for BBC Natural History Unit, National Geographic Channel, Discovery , Channel 4 (UK) , Lion TV Asia, Animal Planet, Burning Blue Media, Quick Silver Media etc.

want to go Belun?

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