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Saturday, 9 April 2011

gulfnews : Gujarat coral reefs a virtual gold mine for state, study reveals

gulfnews : Gujarat coral reefs a virtual gold mine for state, study reveals

Gujarat declares six zones as 'Eco-fragile'

Gujarat declares six zones as 'eco-fragile'
DNA By Paras K Jha

Before the Supreme Court takes any punitive action, the state government took the initiative and has declared six areas in the state as 'eco fragile' zones. The notification will be published in the central government gazette in next couple days.

Talking about the 'eco fragile' zones, the principal secretary for state forest and environment department, SK Nanda said, "The Supreme Court had directed all states in the country to identify such 'eco fragile' zones. Moreover the apex court had also said that if any state would fail to identify such eco fragile zones, it will decide such zones in that particular state on their own and the area may be extend up to 10 sq kilometers."

An 'eco fragile' zone is an area which has unique environment and where the ecological balance should be maintained. Nanda further said, "We have identified Vansada, Girnar, Narayan Sarovar, Gir, Danta Amirgadh and area of Ratanmahal to Jambughoda as these sensitive zones. An average area of 1 to 5 sq km has been set as the boundary. Now such areas will not have any sort of mining, blasting, industry or any kind of activities, which may be harmful to the environment (trees, soil, water, flora and fauna) of these areas in the prescribed boundaries under 'eco fragile' zone."

However, it seems that after the declaration of these areas as eco fragile zones, there may be problems in setting up hotels in Gir, or industries in Vansada, or any kind of mining activities in Narayan Sarovar area."While identifying these areas as 'eco fragile' zones, we have taken into consideration the interests of people living in these areas, wildlife, livestock," Nanda said.

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