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Monday, 4 April 2011

Climate Change & our responsiblity

 Observed day to day our activities for reduce greenhouse gases....

1. trees are valuable for our next generation living biota on our planet..pls save..
2. redeuced garbage and change materialistic attitude (use and throw....!!!)

Greenhouse Gases:Its are not just from car and factories; they also come from some pretty surprising sources;
Livestock: When cows and sheep eat grass and other plants, the bacteria in their stomachs that help break down their food produce large amounts of methane, another major greenhouse gas. Of course, this gas doesn’t store in the animal’s stomachs, but is instead release into the atmosphere where it contributes to the build-up of greenhouse gases.
Waste: Piles of trash dumped into landfills and sewage processed at wastewater treatment facilities decomposed with help of bacteria. This bacteria also produces huge amount of methane gas, much of which is released into the atmosphere.
Deforestation: The loss of trees contributes to global warming, creating about 25% of greenhouse gases each year when large forests are cut down to make room for farmland and industrial development, greenhouse gases are affected in two ways
• Living trees process carbon dioxide (CO2), reducing the amount of gas in the atmosphere. When a tree dies, it can no longer process carbon dioxide. The destruction of whole forests adds up to a big increase in CO2 levels.
• Trees that have been cut down are often burned or left to decompose, creating even more CO2

Methane : a major greenhouse gas, absorbs 20 times more energy from the sun than CO2,trapped in more heat in the atmosphere.