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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Gujarat Coast and Coral Reef

Gujarat has a coastline of 1650 km, which is the longest among all the maritime states of the country and is 22.9% of the total coastline i.e. 7517 km. Its continental shelf occupies 165000km2 being 35.3% of the indian continental shelf of 468000 km2. The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is about 200000 km2 (9.9% of Indian EEZ). The state coastline has two identiations, the Gulfs of Khambhat and Kachchh, and these together, cover around 60% of the total coastline.
The southern shores of the Gulf of Kachchh in Jamnagar district are demarcated as the Marine National Park & Sanctuary as Marie Protected area. The toatal area of the MPA in 620 km2, which includes 148 km2 area of islands and 309 km2 of intertidal zone along the coast. Thirty-four islands in the MPA are with reefs, mangrove and rich marine life.
Coral reefs are packed with the highest densities of animals to be found anywhere on the planet. they rival even the tropical rainforest in terms of diversity. coral reef are not only source of wonder and fascination, but theyalso represent a critical resource for millions of people. The wide strips of coral reefs lining their shores have also provided protection from the worst onslaughts of tropical storms.There are now some 660 marine protected areas worldwide which incorporate coral reefs. These include tow of the world's largestprotected areas, Great Barrier Reef and the nothwestern Hawaiian Islands, covering ntire large ecosystems.

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